1.      AMBITIOUSHas desire for high goals.  Hates to lose.  Cannot stand failure.       Puts goals above ability.  Gives 100% every play.

2.      COACHABLE – Takes advice and is easy to coach.  Eager to learn.  Easy to talk with.  Follows rules and directions.  Wants to please.

3.      LEADERSHIP – Shows the way and sets a good example.  Respects his fellow players and in turn is respected by them.  Mixes well and cares about and looks out for all his fellow teammates.

4.      TAKE CHARGE GUY – Will take over when things go wrong.  Makes something happen rather than watch it happen.  Would do anything for the team.

5.      HARD WORKER – One of the first to practice.  The last one to leave.  Always goes the extra mile because he knows it will make him and his team successful.

6.      MENTAL TOUGHNESSNever gives into his feelings.  Has too much pride to loaf or take it easy.  Treats obstacles and adversity as challenges and finds a way to overcome them.

7.      PHYSICAL TOUGHNESS – Works hard to be in great shape.  Works even harder to stay in great shape and respects his body.

8.      PRIDE – Believes in the traditions of this program and has the courage to stick to the goals until they are accomplished.  Plays his best when the team needs him most.  Never folds or takes the easy way out.




  1. NO DRIVE – Does not care if he wins or loses – Goes with the tide.
  1. KNOW IT ALL – Never listens and does things his way – a rebel, a whiner – works only when he feels like it.
  1. FOLLOWER – Will go with the crowd and generally behind them.  Never tries to lead and hates when he has to be a positive example.
  1. WATCHER – Watches things happen and then blames someone else.
  1. CORNER CUTTER – Finds the easy way and believes it will make him successful.  Only goes the extra mile when somebody is watching or the whole team has to do it.
  1. COMPLAINER – Deep inside doesn’t believe in his coaches or the program.
  1. MENTAL QUITTER – Will look good only when the competition is not of high caliber – unreliable and lets team down when most needed.